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Legionnaires’ disease Second Department Holds Plaintiff Entitled to Summary Judgment Pursuant to Labor Law § 240(1) in Falling Concrete Plank Case Second Department Reinstates Worker’s Labor Law § 241(6) Claim in Excavator Bucket Crush Case First Department Holds Industrial Code Section Sufficiently Specific to Sustain Labor Law § 241(6) Claim First Department Reverses Lower Court’s Dismissal of Framer’s Labor Law §200 Claim in Trip and Fall Case I was injured in a motorcycle accident in the Bronx. My bike was towed to a repair shop and they told me that there was a recall notice on a part and My husband was driving down the street in the Bronx and got in to a head on collision accident. My insurance company is treating him as if he did som Worker Entitled to Summary Judgment Pursuant to Labor Lar §241(6) in Slip and Fall Case at Construction Site Appellate Division Holds Building Owner, General Contractor Not Entitled to Summary Judgment in Res Ipsa Loquitur Case I was injured on an escalator in a Mall. Is there someone who is responsible for this accident? What can I do? Second Department Affirmed Lower Court Decision to Order a New Trial Due to Impermissible Jury Compromise I was hurt on the job but my employer does not have Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Am I out of luck? What can I do? Second Department Reverses Trial Court’s Order for Unified Trial in Golf Cart Accident Case I was attacked in the parking lot of a store where I was shopping. The guy grabbed my bag and threw me to the ground and I broke my arm. When the cop I was walking on the sidewalk the other day and slipped and fell on snow and ice. I broke my wrist. Who is responsible for my injury? Court Holds Student Didn’t Assume Risk of Hallway Injury When She Joined the School Soccer Team I was injured in an intersection accident in the Bronx. I think that I had the right of way. What should I do? I was involved in a multi vehicle car accident in the Bronx. It all happened so fast. Now I am getting calls from insurance adjusters and I am just Second Department Holds Emergency Doctrine Applies in Multicar Accident Case I was injured on the job in the Bronx and need to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. How long does it take to start collecting and what ha

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